KGJ Sponsoring both County & Shropshire Cups

The SCGBA are delighted to announce that KGJ Insurance are continuing their sponsorship of the County Cup as well as sponsoring the Shropshire Cup too. Shropshire county player, Colin Beaman, works for the company and has been a long term supporter of SCGBA Competitions. "We have a long standing relationship with Crown Green Bowls in Shropshire as this is the 8th year we have sponsored one the counties competitions. For the first few years we supported the Inter – League Competition but over the past couple of years we have sponsored the County Cup Competitions. This has proved a great success and hope we can support Crown Green bowls in future year to come."

Colin Beaman handing over a £250 Cheque to SCGBA County Officials  - L to R  – Brian Kitson SCGBA Treasurer / Colin Beaman of Sponsors KGJ / Barry Jennings SCGBA Chairman.


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