Byelaws of the Association

SHROPSHIRE CROWN GREEN BOWLING ASSOCIATION (Instituted 1912) Byelaws of the Association Last Amended 03.02.15 1. The Association shall be known as the “Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association”, (hereinafter to be referred to as the SCGBA), and be open to all bona-fide Bowling Organisations in the County. 2. The object of the SCGBA shall be to promote, organise and govern Crown Green Bowling in the County of Shropshire. This to include all clubs affiliated from outside the County taking part in competitions organised by affiliated bodies from within the SCGBA. 3. The SCGBA shall be affiliated to the British Crown Green Bowling Association (hereinafter referred to BCGBA), and shall agree to conform to the Byelaws of that body and to observe the laws of the game as registered by the same body.  
To comply with current government legislation all clubs/leagues who affiliate to S.C.G.B.A. must appoint a welfare officer. Any club /league failing to appoint a welfare officer will have its affiliation to S.C.G.B.A. suspended until a welfare officer is in place.   Any bowling club within the SCBGA area shall be eligible to membership, also every bowling league and all members of clubs accepted for affiliation shall be considered to be affiliated players of the SCGBA and eligible to compete in competitions promoted by the SCGBA or in any competition sanctioned by the SCGBA or BCGBA.   The Annual Subscription for each club or league shall be payable by 31st May of each year. Clubs and Leagues will be invoiced and defaulters will have an immediate fine of £25 and each week it remains unpaid further £25 fines will be implemented.   All clubs, leagues and associations affiliated to the SCGBA will abide by the SCGBA code of conduct.   Honorary Life Members The annual general meeting shall on the recommendation of the executive committee be empowered to award honorary life membership of the SCGBA to recognise outstanding service to crown green bowling in Shropshire.   All Clubs shall pay £10.00 per club per year, with those clubs who have teams playing under other names paying £10.00 for each team they wish to enter in the County Cup. This to be reviewed annually by the Executive.   All Leagues and Associations shall pay £50.00 per League or Association per year. This to be reviewed annually by the Executive.   Individual members, both male and female, who register to play in an affiliated League or Association, shall pay £2.00 per year for each Club they are registered to play for.   Every affiliated club must submit to the County Secretary, no later than 30th September, a list of ALL players who have represented their club in any SCGBA affiliated league game. The figure given will be used the following year when the clubs are invoiced and payment to be made by 31st May. An audit will take place in close season and any club who have sent in false records will be fined £25.00.   Clubs who enter the County/Consolation cup will be invoiced and this must be paid by May 31st, no reminders will be given. This to be reviewed annually by the Executive.  
  1. No affiliated club shall take part in contests on the green of an unaffiliated club or invite any unaffiliated club to take part in contests on their own green. No member of an affiliated club shall take part in any contest organised by an unaffiliated club or body.  Any contravention to this rule may lead to disciplinary action the County Executive.
  6. OFFICERS The Officers of the Executive Committee of the SCGBA shall consist of Chairman (who will serve for a minimum of three years) Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Competitions Secretary, all of who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. In the absence of the chairman a nominated member of the executive may take the chair. 7. The President shall act for one year with the Deputy President succeeding to the office of President automatically. The Executive Committee shall submit nominations for the position of Deputy President to the Annual General Meeting. The position to be offered to each member league in turn from the following rota of Leagues: 1. Market Drayton League 2. Malpas League 3. Shrewsbury seniors League 4. Oswestry League 5. Whitchurch O/60s League 6. Highley League 7. Malpas Seniors League 8. Ludlow League 9. Sunday Doubles League 10. Mid-Shropshire League 11. Whitchurch & District League 12. Marches League (name change 2013: From Stretton League) 13. Shropshire League 14. Market Drayton Seniors League 15. Shropshire Premier League 16. Wem League 17. Mid Shropshire Seniors League Any new league to take their place at the end of the rota as it exists at that time, provided that they regularly attend Executive Committee meetings. 7a. The President must have been an active member of their League Executive Committee, for a minimum of three years prior to election. 8. MANAGEMENT The Executive Committee consisting of the three principal officers, Chairman, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer, with the President, Deputy President and the active Past Presidents being ex-officio members, shall conduct the business of the SCGBA. 9. The Executive Committee shall consist of: 3 nominees from the Shropshire Tanners League 3 nominees from the Mid-Shropshire League 3 nominees from the Whitchurch League 2 nominees from the Oswestry League 2 nominees from the Market Drayton League 2 nominees from the Wem League 1 nominee from each of the Highley, Ludlow, Malpas, Premier, and Stretton Leagues 1 nominee from any other League affiliated to the SCGBA 9a. VOTING PROCEDURE In order for individual clubs and leagues to exercise their voting rights at an AGM or extra ordinary meeting each club/league must attend the appropriate meeting to record their vote. Executive Meetings: Delegates one vote each. Past Presidents one vote each. Officers (Chairman, President, Deputy-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Competition Secretary, County Development Officer, County Protection Officer/ Coaching officer and Referee delegates one vote each. Chairman has the casting vote. AGM: All affiliated clubs one vote each. All affiliated leagues one vote each Past Presidents one vote each. Officers (Chairman. President, Deputy-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Competition Secretary, County Development Officer, County Protection Officer/Coaching officer and Referee delegates one vote each. Chairman has the casting vote. 10. The Executive Committee shall meet as and when necessary. It shall have power to delegate any of its duties to sub committees who will meet as required. The Sub-Committee shall make all draws for Competitions, Cups, etc., select greens, and deal with protests and all other business of the SCGBA. 11. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the first Monday in February for the election of officers and to conduct business for the ensuing season. Any club or league failing to send a representative to the AGM will be fined £10.00 (this does not apply to clubs who do not play in any leagues.) This will be implemented in 2015. The voting at the Annual General Meeting and Executive Committee meetings shall be that for alterations to Bye-Laws or rules at least two thirds of those actually voting shall be required to carry a motion. Any abstentions shall not be counted. For anything other than alterations to Byelaws then any resolution duly proposed, seconded and accepted by the Chairman shall be carried by a clear majority of the members present and voting. At the Annual General Meeting any affiliated league or club is entitled to one vote each. At Executive Committee meetings any elected delegate is entitled to one vote each. a) A quorum for the AGM is no fewer than forty clubs. b) A quorum for an Executive meeting is no fewer than 15 members c) The choice of venue for all Executive meetings and AGM to be decided only at an AGM this item to be placed on the Agenda for the 2011 meeting and voted on only at an AGM. d) The venues for 2010 are both held in the County town of Shrewsbury. 12. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETINGS The Secretary shall convene a special General Meeting within 14 days of receiving a request to that effect signed by the Secretaries of not less than five affiliated clubs, such requests to state clearly the object for which the meeting is to be convened and only that business shall be discussed. 13. ACCOUNTS The accounts shall be closed on 31st October each year and shall be audited and presented to the Annual General Meeting. A copy of such to be sent to each Club, League or Association affiliated to the SCGBA together with the notice of convening the meeting. 14. ASSOCIATIONS & BOWLING LEAGUES Each affiliated bowling league shall submit a copy of its programme including competitions, for the coming season to the Secretary seven days prior to the Executive Committee meeting in March each year, together with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all Secretaries and League delegates for the SCGBA Executive Committee. 15. No event or competition organised by a League shall be sanctioned which clashes with an event organised by the SCGBA, unless with prior consent from the Executive Committee. First consideration must be given by all affiliated clubs and players to the Association’s requirements both as to the use of greens and services of players engaged in any Association fixture, and the Association shall have first claim on any green selected for use in their competitions, providing seven days notice is given to the Secretary of any Club whose green has been chosen by the Executive Committee. INTER-COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS – SENIOR, JUNIOR & VETERAN 16 a SENIORS At intervals of three years the AGM shall appoint a selection sub committee consisting of the Association President and 4 others. Details of selectors duties can be obtained from the County Secretary or 01939 235064 16 b JUNIORS A selection sub committee, which shall be appointed by the AGM each year, will consist of the Association Deputy President plus the following League’s representatives (number of representatives in brackets) all on the sub-committee must be CRB checked. Wem (1) Tanners (1) Ludlow (1) Whitchurch (1) Market Drayton (1) Premier League (1) Mid Shropshire (3) The County Welfare Officer or a nominated CRB checked adult must attend the home leg of all junior county matches. Details of selectors duties can be obtained from the County Secretary 16 c VETERANS Annually the AGM shall appoint a selection sub-committee consisting of the Association President and three others (one from the Mid Shropshire League area, one from the Tanners League area and one from the Whitchurch League area) to select the veteran’s team for that year. As appropriate, these three selectors may liase with the Senior Sub-Committee (see 16a) 17. PROMOTION OF COMPETITIONS No individual Club or Organisation affiliated to the SCGBA shall promote any competition in which bowlers from any Club affiliated to the SCGBA takes part, without the consent of the SCGBA. This consent will be given provided the applications is made to the Secretary at least 14 days before the competition and must be accompanied with a fee of £5.00 at which time a ‘Certificate of Authorisation’ will be issued. Any advertisements must state clearly ‘Authorised by Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association’. Only affiliated players shall be permitted to take part in these contests. 18. No affiliated player shall take part in any competition, which has not been approved. Any Club or player doing so is liable to disciplinary action. 18a. County competitions other than County and Consolation Cups, and Inter-League competitions shall be open to male bowlers only. 19. INFRINGEMENTS Each Club and League shall be furnished with a copy of these Bye-laws and Rules and be bound thereby. In case of infringement of any one or more of the said Bye-laws by any Club or League then such Club or League shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee or sub-committee, which shall have power to fine or expel offenders. A member or members of the Executive Committee or sub-committee who is a member of the offending Club or League or connected in any way with the infringement shall not sit on the Committee during the hearing of the complaint. An appeal against the Executive Committee or sub-committee decision can be made to the BCGBA in accordance with their Bye-laws. 20. Any appeal or protest to the SCGBA shall be accompanied by a fee of £5.00, which may be forfeited in whole or in part to the SCGBA. Decisions of the Executive Committee shall be subject only to the over-riding authority of the BCGBA. 21. INSURANCE All Clubs affiliated to the Association must have current Public Liability Insurance cover of at least £2,000,000 by 1st May each year. If this cover is obtained through a source other than the BCGBA scheme, then ‘ details of the alternative source must be stated on the form NR1 and’ sent to the Association Secretary by 30th June each year. Failure to either insure through the BCGBA scheme or provide proof of alternative cover by the stipulated dates will deem the green(s) of the offending Club to be out of bounds to any bowler until such times as details of cover is provided. 22. ALTERATION TO BYELAWS OR RULES Any directly affiliated Club, League or Association may give notice of any amendments or alteration to these Bye-Laws, such notice to be given in writing in expressed terms to the Secretary of the SCGBA not later than 31st December and all affiliated Clubs, Leagues or Associations shall be given notice of such amendments at least 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. 23. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to deal with any matter not provided for in the foregoing Byelaws. 24. These Bye-Laws and Rules and those of the BCGBA shall be read and construed together and if there shall be any inconsistency between them then those of the BCGBA shall prevail. 25. In the event of any dispute, the interpretation of these rules shall be at the discretion of the President. Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association CODE OF CONDUCT EXPECTATIONS Crown Green Bowling is a sport suitable for the widest range of individuals – young, old, male and female, able-bodied and disadvantaged. However, to maximize the benefits and opportunities available, Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association (SCGBA) expects the highest standards of conduct from all involved – players, spectators and officials. This document sets out the expectations of the conduct of all involved parties and includes the responsible use of social media. This conduct is expected to be observed at all times and sanctions will be implemented for non-compliance. PLAYERS & SPECTATORS All participants and competitors should: With exceptions to medical prescription, no one will render themselves unfit through alcohol or drugs, either on,        around or away from the green whilst still under the jurisdiction of the County or League Conduct themselves in a manner that takes all reasonable measures to protect their own and the safety of others Adhere to the rules, byelaws and procedures of the BCGBA, SCGBA, leagues and clubs including prohibited Smoking and use of Mobile Phones on the green Act in accordance with the rules of the competition or event inclusive of Players Dress Code, where applicable Accept the decisions of officials of the event Act in a sportsmanlike way at all times Treat officials and others present with respect Refrain from verbal & physical abuse including swearing, shouting and threatening behaviour Abide by the BCGBA Mission Statement on Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA Social media provides a powerful forum for an exchange of views or constructive debate. The SCGBA expect all users to respect others by: Being courteous, honest and fair whilst treating all people how they would like being treated                                            Acting in ways that supports the reputation of the sport                                                                                      Maintaining appropriate confidentiality with regards to personal matters                                                                    Avoiding comments and behavior which might reasonably be perceived as harassment, discrimination, bullying, intimidation, racist or threatening                                                                                                                                             Being genuine and not hide behind aliases or nicknames                                                                                                     Asking themselves, Is it true? Is it necessary? & is it relevant? before posting any comments NON-COMPLIANCE This Code of Conduct should be seen as a guide to best practice to allow enjoyment of the sport by all those involved. However, failures to comply will inevitably occur and in such breaches, it is essential that some judgement is provided and disciplinary action taken. Any such breach will be reported within seven days of the alleged incident to the County Secretary who will arrange for a Disciplinary Sub-Committee to convene and consider the case. Any allegation, concern, or any issue (including discrimination) which relates to the Safeguarding of Young persons (Minors) or Adults at Risk: The procedures and protocols/guidelines as agreed between the National Governing Bodies of Bowls shall take precedence over other codes of conduct or other procedures and shall be complied with. These procedures and protocols/guidelines can be found at the following web addresses: and

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