Mel Evans MBE Bowlathon Details

Hot and cold refreshments will be available throughout. The Victory Hall Memorial Club are also applying for an extension to their alcohol licence. Entry is free. A programme of the event will be available and we kindly ask people to make a donation to the charity for the programme.
There is ample car parking and stewards will be available to direct you to the car parking areas.
I am delighted to report that Adam Douglas will be attending the event and we will be making every effort to get the event live streamed. I will post an update as soon as I know more information.
As you know, John Parrot MBE will be attending the event on Sunday 29th October from 09.00am. John will be challenging his bowling hero Noel Burrows and then the fun turns indoors where John is leading a Bowler/Snooker challenge. We already have 13 people who are bidding to play a frame of snooker with John. John has dedicated the day to us so a huge thank you to John Parrot MBE.

The weekend will involve:-
Event opening – Lynn Pritchatt to send the first bowl at 07.59am
Player one hourly slots
Legends Hour at 11.00am – Noel Burrows, Stan Frith, Mike Leach, Steve Rogers, Jack Hunt, Allen Broadhurst and more.
Challenge Your Hero/Heroine
Calendar Girls 2018 Launch
John Parrot MBE Challenge v Noel Burrows
John Parrot MBE Snooker Challenges
If anyone has any queries/questions please do not hesitate to contact Steve Cook.
Where else could you get all this and more!!!
Players and spectators alike – please help us to make this event truly truly special and make your very valued contribution to a little piece of history. All funds raise, 100%, will be going to research into Motor Neurone Disease.

All players please arrive 30 mins before bowling time for registration.

0800 Start
Dean Ferris
Anthony Bracken
Gary Ellis
Scott Simpson
Matt Gilmore
Scott Crowther
Jim Crowther
Paul Evans

0900 Start
Mike Beer
Roger Morgan
Glynn Storer
Steve Wooding
Kevin Handley
Dave Jackson
Darrell Handley
Owen Cookson

1000 Start
Neil Smith
Andy Murray
Stuart Rutter
Jason Groom
Chris Talbot
Caron Cairns
Andy Cairns
Julie Green

1100 Start
Stan Frith
Noel Burrows
Allen Broadhurst
Carl Parker
Steve Rogers
Mike Leach
Jack Hunt
Ken Strutt

1200 Start
Darren Griffiths
Ed Furniss
Paul Gamsby
Darren Edmondson
Simon Coupe
James Grimston
Dave McDermott
Gareth Herbert

1300 Start
Nigel Greenhalgh
Mike Leach
Clare Pugh
Tim Houghton
Hugh Hornby
Mandy Padget
Dave Watters
Greg Smith

1400 Start
Tommy Johnstone
Andy Tate
Tommy Heyes
Graham Law
Jeanette Nicholson
Jackie Gloag
Darren Andrews
Dave Gwilliam

1500 Start
Jimmy Derby
Ben Gloag
Steve Morray
Lynn Pritchatt
Ronni Lyon
Roy Nicholson
Gareth Nicholson
Kathryn Gee

1600 Start
Fran Healey
David May
Callum Wraight
Debbie Strutt
Craig Barker
Chris McDonald
Steve Bradbury
Karen Rolls

1700 Start
Pauline Jones
Julie Alderman
Steve Powell
Jason Cornes
Mark Myles
Chris Hodge
Clive Alderman
Susan Pugh

1800 Start
Glynn Cookson
Pauline Mortimer
Denise Hodge
Jordan Bradbury
Lillian Brookes
Danny Barwise
Janet Hargraves
Ellen O’Neill

1900 Start
Dave Clarkson
Paul Bailey
Bev Bailey
Mick Brown
Matt Gillies
Dave Carter
Terry Glover
Peter Thorpe

2000 Start
Carol Taylor
Brian Hampson
Kev Shaw
Craig McGuigan
Neil Williams
Lee Lawton
Lee Turner
Abi Harris

2100 Start
Joe Illidge
Lee Fletcher
Pete Illidge
George Chadwick
Alex Harris
Geoff Telford
Mark Bennett
Andy Owen

2200 Start
Lee Dale
Tom Vickers
Rob Winnington
Pete Conway
Phil Oldham
James Wilcox
Dave Mee
Gaz Lally

2300 Start
Ian Bottomley
Craig Grant
Graham Hickey
Phil Clinton
Ray Brandreth
Irene Pritchatt
Elliot McGuiness
Duncan Reeves

0000 Start
Tom Boyd
Barry Orpe
Graeme Wilson
Mark Booth
Simon Tyler
Tracey Baker
Josh Towey

0100 Start
Steve Ridley
Ged Smedley
Amanda Ridley
Matt Fellows
Andy Booth
Cath Wall
Simon Brown
Steve Freer

0200 Start
Tommy King
Pat Cook
Ryan Prosser
Lee Kington
Glenn Smedley
Sharon Barnett
Debbie Farmer
Tasha Jackson

0300 Start
Stuart Edwards
Dan Tudor
Peter Cookson
Adrian Tudor
Dean Butler
Mark Audin
Sarah Varley

0400 Start
Mark Mills
Mike Hutchins
Scott Mills
Paul Plant
Steve Cook
Andrew Dugmore
James Dugmore
Anne O’Loughlin

0500 Start
Martin Lloyd 
Evelyn Hastings
Mark Clayton
Kev Smith
Dave Hughes
Simon Tyler
Darren Fielding
Gaz Whittaker

0600 Start
Phil Cookson
Melvyn Owen
Mark Picknell
Craig Shore
Kara Jones Singleton
Kevin Hocknall
Mark Hall
Liam Badwick

0700 Start
Steve Combellack
Nick Shaw
Sarah Combellack
Chris Lancaster
Carl Fielding
David Gordon
Glen Herbert
Darren Simpkin

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