Junior Inter League 2017 Report

Below is a report by Steve Burmingham who ran the Junior Inter League today on behalf of the hosts Flowfit Ludlow & District Bowling League. The SCGBA would like to thank Steve for his report and running the competition on behalf of the league. 6 teams spread across four different leagues within the County ventured to Ludlow to take part in the 2017 Junior Interleague competition. Two groups of three played on the two greens at Burway Bowling Club with the hosting league and defending champions, the Flowfit Ludlow and District, playing on Burway Green number one against Whitchurch B and Mid-Shropshire A. Group 1 (Burway Number 1 Green)  The Flowfit Ludlow and District won very convincingly in there first game by winning all six games in a 67 shot victory over Whitchurch B with Camilla Parsonage's 21-3 card the highlight. Mid-Shropshire A then played Whitchurch B and eased past them with a 53 shot victory where Susie Lawson caught the eye with a 21-4 victory. This set up a very tense last game between Flowfit Ludlow and District and Mid-Shropshire A where every shot mattered. The games were shared 3-3 and the scores were level at 108 each so it came down to the team with the best aggregate overall who won and with the Flowfit Ludlow and District having a bigger win over Whitchurch B, this saw them pip Mid-Shropshire A to qualify for the final. Game 1 - Flowfit Ludlow and District vs Whitchurch B Harry Parsonage 21 Isabella Hewitt 16 Jordan Woodfield 21 Wade Pawlowski 18 George Cooper 21 James Shepherd 6 Camilla Parsonage 21 Finn Leonard 3 Andrew Price 21 Eloise Fenwick 8 Toby Foxall 21 Isabella Hewitt 8 Flowfit Ludlow and District 126 - 59 Whitchurch B (Flowfit Ludlow and District win by 67 shots)   Game 2 - Whitchurch B vs Mid-Shropshire A Wade Pawlowski 11 Harry Church 21 Isabella Hewitt 9 Tom Killen 21 Finn Leonard 18 Akeel Khan 21 James Shepherd 21 Joe Dorricott 19 Eloise Fenwick 4 Susie Lawson 21 Isabella Hewitt 8 Joe Killen 21 Whitchurch B 71 - 124 Mid Shropshire A (Mid-Shropshire A win by 53 shots)   Game 3 - Flowfit Ludlow and District vs Mid-Shropshire Liam Dovey 13 Harry Church 21 Toby Foxall 21 Joe Killen 14 Jordan Woodfield 20 Tom Killen 21 Camilla Parsonage 12 Susie Lawson 21 George Cooper 21 Akeel Khan 15 Harry Parsonage 21 Joe Dorricott 16 Flowfit Ludlow and District 108 - 108 Mid-Shropshire A (Tied Game) Full results and table are here.   Group 2 (Burway Number 2 Green) Over on the always tricky Burway Green Number 2, Tanners Shrewsbury took on Mid-Shropshire B and Whitchurch A and started with a comfortable 38 shot victory over Whitchurch A in there first game with there best card being a 21-8 from Emmet McKinley. Whitchurch A redeemed themselves in there second game as they defeated Mid-Shropshire B by 31 shots which was helped by single figure wins for Ben Hinton and Edward Proudlove. Tanners Shrewsbury knew they could win the group by defeating Mid-Shropshire B in the final group game and they sailed past them with six winners and a 69 shot success to set up a final between themselves and Flowfit Ludlow and District. There result also meant Whitchurch A finished runners up and qualified for the Supplementary Cup against Mid-Shropshire A. Game 1 - Whitchurch A vs Tanners Shrewsbury Ben Hinton 21 Matt Parry 19 Josh Warner 10 Kelly Price 21 Luke Grocott 8 Emmet McKinley 21 Dan Perkins 10 Ben Middleton 21 Louis Moult 13 Kieron Jones 21 Edward Proudlove 21 Charlie Hotchkiss 18 Whitchurch A 83 - 121 Tanners Shrewsbury (Tanners Shrewsbury win by 38 shots)   Game 2 - Whitchurch A vs Mid-Shropshire B Ben Hinton 21 Jossie Prosser 8 Edward Proudlove 21 Callum Corbett 9 Louis Moult 21 Dan Greaves 15 Josh Warner 21 Jordan Millman 18 Dan Perkins 8 Byron Fletcher 21 Luke Grocott 21 Dan Corbett 11 Whitchurch A 113 - 82 Mid Shropshire B (Whitchurch A won by 31 shots)   Game 3 - Tanners Shrewsbury vs Mid-Shropshire B Kelly Price 21 Jordan Millman 9 Kieran Jones 21 Dan Greaves 5 Emmet McKinley 21 Callum Corbett 12 Charlie Hotchkiss 21 Kiera James 8 Ben Middleton 21 Byron Fletcher 16 Matt Parry 21 Dan Corbett 8 Tanners Shrewsbury 126 - 57 Mid-Shropshire B (Tanners Shrewsbury won by 69 shots) Full results and table are here.   Supplementary Cup Final - Mid-Shropshire A vs Whitchurch A The finals were held at Craven Arms which was a late alteration to the day as it was originally due to be played at Ludlow Castle. Mid-Shropshire A started well and won the first two game but Whitchurch A battled back well and with Ben Hinton's 21-7 win they found themselves 6 shots ahead with the final game on the green. Joe Dorricott pulled it out of the bag for Mid-Shropshire A though as his 21-13 win meant that the Supplementary Cup was won by Mid Shropshire A by 2 shots. Scores: Harry Church 21 Louis Moult 14 Susie Lawson 21 Luke Grocott 19 Tom Killen 7 Ben Hinton 21 Akeel Khan 18 Daniel Perkins 21 Joe Killen 21 Josh Warner 19 Joe Dorricott 21 Edward Proudlove 13 Mid-Shropshire A 109 - 107 Whitchurch A (Mid-Shropshire A won by 2 shots)   Junior Interleague Final - Flowfit Ludlow and District vs Tanners Shrewsbury The Junior Interleague final also promised to be entertaining as it was a repeat of last years final between Flowfit Ludlow and District and Tanners Shrewsbury. Home advantage was a huge boost as the Flowfit Ludlow and District won the first four games with Harry Parsonage taking the sweep with a 21-13 card. Ben Middleton offered some resistance for the Tanners team by winning 21-16 but Liam Dovey won the last game 21-20 to give the Flowfit Ludlow and District Bowls League a 12 shot victory and retained the trophy. Ably led by selector Simon Parsonage, the league will aim to go for a hat-trick next year with the same side again. Scores: Toby Foxall 21 Kieron Jones 20 Harry Parsonage 21 Kelly Price 13 George Cooper 21 Emmet McKinley 19 Camilla Parsonage 21 Charlie Hotchkiss 16 Jordan Woodfield 16 Ben Middleton 21 Liam Dovey 21 Matt Parry 20 Flowfit Ludlow and District 121 - 109 Tanners Shrewsbury (Flowfit Ludlow and District won by 12 shots)   The committee of the Flowfit Ludlow and District Bowls League would like to thank Duncan Pressley and Jolyon Partridge for taping and being Green Managers at Burway and to Doog Williams for doing the bar. Special thanks must also go to Wendy Davies and Emily Moseley for not only doing the food and refreshments throughout the day at Burway but for then providing an excellent buffet for the final at Craven Arms as well. Thanks also to Craven Arms Bowling Club for stepping in at the last minute to assist with hosting the finals at such short notice.

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