Midland Masters Preview

We have 13 qualifiers heading to Florence and trying to follow in the footsteps of Callum Wraight last season. Former Merit winner and runner up in this competition Wayne Rogers hopes to go one better and takes on Steve Donavon to start with. Other county players taking their place tomorrow include Colin Beaman, who plays Kevin Handley, and Wayne Phillips, who has Joe Melvin first round. There are three young guns in the field with Josh Bradburn first on against Andy Milson, while Martin Gaut takes on Rich Burdett (Mnr) and Scott Moseley competing against Jordie Baddeley. Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League Averages Winner Pete Farmer will fancy a good run but has a tough game in former winner Steve Pratt. St Georges team mates Ian Gaut and Tony Rhodes take on Mick Bacon and Andy Runham respectively and Rich Lawson has Dave Semper first round, while Mark Taylor plays Matt Allen. Two Tanners Shropshire players are in the field with Simon Lane against Ben Ryder and Nigel Ferrington playing Karl Simpson. SCGBA would like to wish all 13 qualifiers the best tomorrow. 2017 Finals Day Draw: Played at FLORENCE PRIVATE Cemetry Avenue Stoke-on-trent ST3 4EB 10.00am Start. Sunday 17th September. 1 Andy Milson        (Derbyshire)       V     Josh Bradburn      (Shropshire) 2 Mark Burdett      (N/Mids)              V     Darren Handley   (Staffs) 3 Ian Atherton        (Potteries)           V     Richard Gill          (Derbyshire) 4 Colin Beaman      (Shropshire) V    Kevin Handley      (Staffs) 5 Harry Chapman  (N/Mids)              V    Jamie Duce            (Staffs) 6 Ben Ryder            (Derbyshire)        V    Simon Lane           (Shropshire) 7 Peter Cookson     (Staffs)                  V    Carl Wilkins         (N/Mids) 8 Neil Wright          (Potteries)            V    Craig Pearson       (Derbyshire) 9 Nigel Ferrington  (Shropshire) V    Karl Simpson        (Potteries) 10 Dave Hayward   (Staffs)                 V    Matt Horton          (N/Mids) 11 Mick Bacon        (Derbyshire)        V    Ian Gaut                (Shropshire) 12 Matt Fellows      (Potteries)            V    Nathan Dawes       (Staffs) 13 Ian Simpson       (Potteries)            V    Stuart Smith          (Derbyshire) 14 Martin Gaut      (Shropshire)  V    Richard Burdett (mnr)  (N/Mids) 15 Aaron Tapper   (Staffs)                   V    Barry Booth           (Potteries) 16 Steve Pratt         (N/Mids)                V   Peter Farmer           (Shropshire) 17 Steve Parkin      (Potteries)             V   Danny Statham        (Staffs) 18 Ian Brown         (Derbyshire)          V   Michael Warrington  (N/Mids) 19 Mark Taylor     (Shropshire)  V   Matt Allen                (N/Mids) 20 Greg Smith       (Staffs)                   V    Willie Owen             (Derbyshire) 21 Andy Runham   (Staffs)                  V    Tony Rhodes           (Shropshire) 22 Kit Kitlinski      (N/Mids)                V    Joe Williamson       (Potteries) 23 Phil Clanham    (Derbyshire)          V    Josh Towey             (Potteries) 24 Scott Moseley    (Shropshire) V    Jordie Baddeley      (N/Mids) 25 Jack Hill            (Staffs)                   V    Shaun Ashley          (Derbyshire) 26 Joe Melvin         (Potteries)             V    Wayne Phillips       (Shropshire) 27 Darren Day       (N/Mids)                V    Craig Podmore       (Potteries) 28 Tony Batchelder  (Derbyshire)       V    Ray Bishop             (Staffs) 29 Wayne Rogers   (Shropshire) V    Steve Donavon       (N/Mids) 30 Paul Dale           (Potteries)              V    Matt Milson           (Derbyshire) 31 Dave Semper     (Staffs)                   V    Richard Lawson    (Shropshire) 32 Will Kay             (N/Mids)                V    Paul Martin            (Derbyshire)

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