Castlefields Player Profiles

Please find below the Player Profiles of the Castlefields team taking part in this year's Shropshire Cup Final. Russ Tipton - 'Tipper or Tippie' Arguably played his best games against tougher opposition for us so hence why he leads us out as number one, best thing he ever did was get rid of the brown bombs. Alan Peach - 'Diver or Maggot' This stalwart needs no introduction achieved great things over many years with our club, but don't be thinking this game doesn't matter as much as all that, a lot at stake for him tonight given his talk in the build up with opposing captain. Kevin Walker - 'Bird or Belly' Another who has thrived on many big games at this club before, still delivers when needed and make no mistake is needed tonight,'no hiding from the bird tonight'. Steve Duckett - Cheese or Ball n chain' Without doubt our go to man, moving into a different position tonight due to complaints he hides in the middle, permission granted by Jenna for him to play tonight #releasethatballnchain. Darryl Edwards - Dazzler or Len Another player with abundance of big game experience lead the county very successfully for years and pleasure to have him at our club. Shame about the green choice don't think it suits his game ? Paul Walker - Dogger or Brains Comes back in for the final because of what can only been described as a immense purple patch of form, earnt his way in the team, hope hooky lets him use his bowls. Russ Pugh - Cat or Pughy With the greatest respect the most frustrating player in our club, on his day capable of beating anyone on another just beats himself, hoping the blinkers are on tonight and head is down, come on led send em. Carl Wear - Ceddars or Carlos Although not as much experience as the rest underestimate this lad at your peril, great member of the team (unless he is getting in your way playing along the front of the club) with a bit more self confidence will continue to progress starting with tonight. Mark Walker  - Bugsy or Brains 2 Another player who is having a good season just a pity it involves switching off and walking up everyone elses line, looking forward to the big stage tonight. Graham Wall - Egg or Mini tank As its difficult to write something about yourself the lads chipped in with there own quotes, Slimmest and best of the walls, unavailable to play certain games due to glass washing commitments usually anything further than the welsh bridge,valuable card at number 9 in semi hoping for another tonight. Steve Walker  -  Hooky Although being strongly pursued by our opposition in the close season they did not have the pull to lure him away from our great club not having a great season by his usual standards but tonight is a perfect game to put it right. Tony wall  - Tank Last but not least our captain, has one of the most difficult roles within the club but never complains and this season has had no effect on his bowls as he is playing well.   Reserves Mike Thomas - Tapper or Roy Cropper Found himself really unlucky to be left out of tonight's final hit a bad patch at the wrong time but now has picked up slightly and reamains a popular member of the squad and ready to stand in if needed. Shaun O Sullivan - Shamus Another unlucky to be left out again all down to form at the time, had a great start to the season and will bounce back to finish strong i am sure. Gary Walker - G man played in early round but not been able to attend since another important member of the squad for the close of the season. Mick Rogers -  Treasurer A vital part of the club and has contributed on the playing side this year more than ever before great squad member and great to have around the green

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