Shropshire Juniors earn second win!

Shropshire Juniors earned their second win of 2017 but it wasn't enough to go through the group as winner after Warwick & Worcester hammered Potteries & District by 271. We beat North Midlands by 70 overall with a 43 shot home win and 27 away. Two winners in the first four at home established a 5 shot lead which with two single figure winners, Camilla Parsonage 5 and Charlie Hotchkiss 7, before three winners at the back, led by Liam Dovey's 9 win, meant a good win at home. Away at Atherstone and three winners in the first four meant a 6 shot lead with Emma Massey Jones the best of the three winning 8. Two wins in the middle, including a debut win for Alex Salamino 14, kept a lead of 4 before Edward Proudlove's 5 and Joe Killen's 10 wins meant a great away result in the end. We will take our place in the Supplementary on Sunday 13th August. Scores are below: Home Venue is Meole Brace (1)
  1. Harry Parsonage 10-21 George Chapman
  2. Matt Parry 21-11 Dylan Burdett
  3. Kieran Jones 21-10 Taylor Wildman
  4. Rhys Marshall 16-21 Ronan Allen
  5. Kelly Price 21-16 James Crowther
  6. Charlie Hotchkiss 21-7 Owen Wood
  7. George Cooper 5-21 Ryan Cross
  8. Camilla Parsonage 21-5 Harry Crowther
  9. Liam Dovey 21-9 Joshua Blakey
  10. Lorna Parsons 21-14 Zach Cross
  11. Emmet McKinley 20-21 James Harris
  12. Toby Foxall 21-20 Max Jefferson
  Shropshire 219-176 North Midlands North Midlands v Shropshire Away venue is: Atherstone Grove, Cooks Close, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV 9 1ES
  1. Natty Tonks 19-21 Harry Church
  2. Tom Lea 21-4 Jake Bailey
  3. Kieran Welch 8-21 Emma Massey-Jones
  4. Owen Chattaway 13-21 Liam Edwards
  5. Lachan Pollock 21-19 Ellie Davies
  6. Alfie Knight 21-11 Joe Dorricott
  7. Olivia Williams 14-21 Alex Salamino
  8. Kai Wilson 18-21 Tom Killen
  9. Finlay Roche 10-21 Joe Killen
  10. William Lee-Smith 5-21 Edward Proudlove
  11. Molly Tonks 19-21 Josh Warner
  12. Liam Dennis 21-15 Russell Crocker
North Midlands 190-217 Shropshire Shropshire 436-366 North Midlands Shropshire won by 70 overall.  

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