Shropshire v Warwick & Worcester Junior County Preview

Shropshire Juniors play Warwick & Worcester in a crunch first round clash knowing that a win would virtually put us in the Semi Finals. But it will be a tough ask to beat one of the best Junior County sides, however Phil Scott comments "both of Shropshire's squads are very capable of getting a result. The home squad playing at Telepost have got in lots of practice, including the match which home team manager Simon Parsonage organised. The away squad has some talented players and playing W&W won't faze them at all. We might be underdogs on paper but that's probably better for the team as it means less pressure." Both teams enjoyed big victories in their first games and knows this is the vital game in the group. So Phil Scott urges "anyone looking for something to do tomorrow I would urge them to get down to Telepost and cheer our Junior players on." Live scores are here. Draw: Home Venue: Telepost
  1. Harry Parsonage (c) v Matthew Caines
  2. Rhys Marshall v Dawson Rose
  3. Toby Foxall v Liam Lowery
  4. Matt Parry v Michael Madden
  5. Kelly Price v Nathan Caines
  6. Kieran Jones v Tommy McDonald
  7. Camilla Parsonage v Nathan Crocombe
  8. Charlie Hotchkiss v Ciaran Andrews
  9. Liam Dovey v Lewis Mooney
  10. George Cooper v William Clarke
  11. Lorna Parsons v Andy Ford
  12. Matt Beck v Callum Mitchell (c)
Shropshire reserves: Molly Harris, Ben Middleton, Andrew Price, Jordie Woodfield. WW reserves: Evan Mooney, Jack Madden, Ben Pritchard, Sam Fall, Leah Crocombe, Harry Fall, Dan Whitehurst. Away Venue is Lea Hall Bowling Club, 40 Wood Lane, Handsworth, Birmingham, B20 2AP.
  1. Emily Kernick (c) v Harry Church
  2. Lucas Hall v Liam Edwards
  3. Ryan Hocknull v Susie Lawson
  4. Jack Newsome v Emma Massey-Jones
  5. Louis Jones v Edward Proudlove
  6. Megan Earlis v Josh Warner
  7. Reece Maskell v Tom Killen
  8. Harry Davies v Russell Crocker
  9. Shannon Kernick v Joe Killen
  10. Cameron Cutler v Louis Moult
  11. Matthew Grundy v Jacob Holden
  12. Matty Parkes v Jake Bailey (c)
WW Reserves: Larissa Harvey, Callum James, Imogen Harvey, Ben Godfrey, Josh Weaver. Shropshire Reserves: Ellie Davies, Joe Dorricott, Alex Salamino, Joe Brassington, George Brassington, Ben Hinton.

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