Senior Inter League Preview

The 2017 Senior Inter League takes place tomorrow as the holders Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League hosts the event for the first time. Qualifying takes place at Bowring and Sir John Bayley as 12 teams aim to take the 4 Semi Final spaces available up at St Georges. The holders Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League have entered two teams as well as the Mid Shropshire League. They will aim to win it again after their maiden victory over at Wem USC last year. But competition will be tough, with the Whitchurch, Ludlow and Wem League wanting to win their crown back. The Premier League Blue team face off against Tanners Shropshire first with further games against Shropshire Ladies and the Mid Shropshire Friday team on Bowring old green, while the Yellow team will play the Wem League, Mid Shropshire Thursday team and the Market Drayton Senior Citizens Team on the Bayley bottom green. The other group sees the Ludlow, Whitchurch, Market Drayton and North Shropshire Ladies compete in what looks the toughest on Bowring new green next to Haygate Road. Teams are asked to be there for half 9 ready for a 10 start. All team captains to report to the clubhouse with Martin Gaut in charge at Bowring and Rob Burroughs at Sir John Bayley. Dress code applies and all leagues need to provide a raffle prize worth £10. The three group winners and best runner up will progress to the Finals up at St Georges. There will be a buffet afterwards with the Presentation. You can keep up to date with the scores here. Draw & Fixtures: Group A at Bowring Old Green (non-prem)
  1. Premier League Blue
  2. Mid Shropshire Friday
  3. Shropshire Ladies
  4. Tanners Shropshire
Premier League Blue v Tanners Shropshire, Mid Shropshire Friday v Shropshire Ladies. Mid Shropshire Friday v Tanners Shropshire, Premier League Blue v Shropshire Ladies. Shropshire Ladies v Tanners Shropshire, Premier League Blue v Mid Shropshire Friday. Group B at Bowring New Green (prem)
  1. North Shropshire Ladies
  2. Whitchurch
  3. Market Drayton
  4. Ludlow
North Shropshire Ladies v Whitchurch, Market Drayton v Ludlow. North Shropshire Ladies v Market Drayton, Whitchurch v Ludlow. North Shropshire Ladies v Ludlow, Whitchurch v Market Drayton. Group C at Sir John Bayley Bottom Green
  1. Premier League Yellow
  2. Wem
  3. Market Drayton Seniors
  4. Mid Shropshire Thursday
Mid Shropshire Thursday v Market Drayton Seniors, Premier League Yellow v Wem. Mid Shropshire Thursday v Premier League Yellow, Market Drayton Seniors v Wem. Mid Shropshire Thursday v Wem, Market Drayton Seniors v Premier League Yellow.     All players start on 6, with home or county players starting on 4, and home and county players starting on 2.

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