Bowring v Elephant and Castle statement & Changes to neutral greens

Bowring played two players who had played one Premier League game this season for the club in their Shropshire Cup 1st round tie against Elephant & Castle, which contravenes rule 14d  below: 14d) Players who have played one game or more in the Premier League are not eligible in the Preliminary or 1st rounds. Players who have played more than one game in the Premier League are not allowed to play in the 2nd round onwards. This was an oversight on behalf of Bowring BC and they have fully admitted their mistake in picking their two players. However this rule needs to be applied and this means the two games will go down as a 21-0 win for Elephant and Castle. This means they now win by 35 instead of the previous Bowring victory. So Elephant and Castle now play against Wrockwardine Wood in the second round of the competition. There has been three green changes since the original list was published. This is down to an oversight on my part as well as ensuring more greens are used as it would be good to get most greens a game.
Second Round Held on Wed Jun 14th 2017
1 Wrockwardine Wood Elephant and Castle At Bridgewater Big Green
2 Telepost Sir John Bayley At Wem USC
3 Abbey Bridgewater At Charlton
4 Prince of Wales Hotel Hadley USC At Adderley
5 Madeley Cricket Club Bylet At Newport non Prem
6 Meole Brace Allscott At District Front Green
7 Sinclair Bayston Hill At Hanmer
8 Castlefields Crescent At Pontesbury New

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