Development 2014

My name is Peter Carter, I am SCGBA Development Officer and my job quite simply is to plan and administer the playing of crown green bowls in this county, any age, any level, including people with disabilities, not only to play but to enjoy. By birth a Yorkist with their traits inherit, including the one that does not expect success without planning, though and practise, in other words create a back cloth in which to work. My own club made some brave decisions some time ago that has allowed some success.
  • What success?
  • How do you measure it?
Successful clubs have much in common i.e. Good greens, they encourage good bowlers/good bowling. No bowlers are perfect, so a coaching scheme is essential for all ages and levels. In order to do this important function requires people of sound coaching ability, with the back up of a stern welfare and protection system. I have coached sport since the mid-sixties and my greatest reward I have is seeing a player from the earliest of years become a county player. In order to make this happen it also requires league and competitions to hone the required skills and know how. It is not my job to tell club committees how to make money, but it is my job to suggest you budget for a proper youth scheme. Someone once said that the ideal committee is one! I know only too well and understand the problems of today and the hard work involved in running a club, but somewhere in there you need a playing sub-commiee working with the main committee. I will not list our coaching success list but would offer the services of our coaching team and myself to assist you in any way that you require to make, or continue your development.   Peter Carter SCGBA CDO

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