Shropshire Juniors Secure Big Win

Shropshire Juniors secured a big win today in their first Drakes Pride Junior County Match against Potteries & District. We won by 126 at home and 125 away, helped by two walkovers given at the away leg by their opponents, despite them having 7 reserves named. We had 11 winners home and away with Josh Warner and Jacob Holden the two players given those walkovers. At home there were 7 single figure winners with reigning Peter Ashton Youth Trophy Winner Matthew Beck the best of them winning 0. Away from home we had four single figure winners, Liam Edwards the best winning 4. So we move onto the crunch game in the group against Warwick & Worcester on Sunday 11th June, who themselves won by 236 today against North Midlands. Full scores: Draw is as follows Shropshire names first:
  1. Toby Foxall 21-15 Ryan Dodd
  2. Matt Parry 21-15 Fraser Page
  3. Rhys Marshall 21-13 Tom Hollinshead
  4. Kelly Price 21-5 Jack Turner
  5. Kieran Jones 21-3 Mollie Allen
  6. George Cooper 21-9 Dillon Porter
  7. Harry Parsonage 21-6 Joshua Hamilton
  8. Matt Beck 21-0 Jack Davies
  9. Charlie Hotchkiss 21-9 Jack Maddox
  10. Lorna Parsons 21-7 Kyle Ollerhead
  11. Camilla Parsonage 21-20 Ben Hollinshead
  12. Liam Dovey 18-21 Edward Collins
Shropshire 249-123 Potteries & District Away Venue Bucknall Private Bowling Club Potteries names first.
  1. Joe Townsend 11-21 Harry Church
  2. Daniel Elvy 14-21 Joe Killen
  3. Tammy Taylor 7-21 Russell Crocker
  4. Tom Farmer 16-21 Susie Lawson
  5. William Collett 6-21 Emma Massey-Jones
  6. Poppy Gascoine 5-21 Tom Killen
  7. James Wright 12-21 Edward Proudlove
  8. Lucy Marshall 4-21 Liam Edwards
  9. W/O Josh Warner
  10. W/O Jacob Holden
  11. Matt Packett 15-21 Jake Bailey
  12. Jack Farmer 21-5 Louis Moult
Potteries & District 111-236 Shropshire Overall: Shropshire 485-234 Potteries & District

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