NR1 and NR1A – BCGBA Form 2015

The NR1 form is for your club details: It is important that you enter the post-code for your green, this is for sat nav's.  Also you must put which County is your primary affiliation (this is especially important for clubs who affiliate to more than one County.) If you put Shropshire as your primary affiliation you will be charged the BCGBA affiliation fee (if you put another county they will charge you) The NR1a, you must list every league bowler on this form, if a person only social bowls they to must go on the form with an * by their name. Please return the two forms together, they should be used in conjunction and not sent separately. No later than 30th June 2015.   NR1 - BCGBA Form - Download here<5 FormNR1-BCGBA issue 6. 2015> NR1a- BCGBA Form - Download here <6 FormNR1A-BCGBA> pdf:   <5 FormNR1-BCGBA issue 6. 2015>    < 6 FormNR1A-BCGBA>

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