Qualifiers for the SCGBA Merit – May 18th 2014

Commencing at 1pm @ Malpas Bowling Club 4 Players will qualify IC's G. Fordham & P Smith Qualifiers to ring John Coxill on 01584 878316 or 07753 603372 with their names and address's A Boulton (Adderley) I. McDonald (AWC) G. Fordham (AWC) A. Moss (Chester Road) P. Smith (Chester Road) P. Latham (Chester Road) M. Lloyd (Chester Road) M. Holland (Chester Road) M. Beeston (District) R. Mountford (District) A. Faulkner (Hanmer) D. Ellison (Hanmer) M. Jenkins (Hanmer) C. Bancroft (Nantwich Park) J. Cooper (Prees) B. Jones (District) Venue Sinclair Bowling Club Qualifiers 4 IC's R. Jones & J. Price. C. Worthington (Donnington Wood) J. Price (Hadley USC) J. Potter (Hadley USC) M. Jones (Newport) R. Pegram (Newport) D. Rhodes (Newport) P. Grimston (Newport) C. Bough (SJ Bayley) S. Clarke (SJ Bayley) B. Gilder (SJ Bayley) T. Rhodes (St. Georges) K. Pessall (St. Georges) S. Roberts (Wrockwardine Wood) S. Rutter (Wrockwardine Wood) R. Jones (Wrockwardine Wood) T. Roche Madeley CC Venue: Stockton Bowling Club Qualifiers: 4 IC's A Gaut & A Smith A. Morgan (Bowring) J. Fletcher (Hadley USC) P. Bradburn (Hadley USC) R. Clarke (Madeley CC) M. Selley (Newport) S. Harries (Newport) A. Davidson (Newport) A. Smith (SJ Bayley) J. Fletcher (SJ Bayley) N. Martin (SJ Bayley) I. Gaut (St. Georges) M. Rhodes (St. GeorVges) A. Gaut (Wrockwardine Wood) J. Clarke (Wrockwardine Wood) J. Garmson (Wrockwardine Wood) Venue: Highley Bowling Club Qualifiers 4 IC's P. King and D. Lord M. Taylor (Bowring) K. Buckley (Donnington Wood) R. Burroughs (Hadley USC) P. King (Hadley USC) S. Madeley (Madeley Cricket Club) M. France (Newport) C. Grocott (Newport) D. Rudrum (Newport) R. Fuller (Wrockwardine Wood) T. Roden (SJ Bayley) D. Lord (SJ Bayley) I. Delves (SJ Bayley) S. Rhodes (St. Georges) C. Flattley (St. Georges) D. King (St. Georges) S. Broome (Wrockwardine Wood) Venue: SJ Bayley Qualifiers 2 IC M. Gaut R. Lawson (Bowring) W. France (Charlton) A. Gregory (Hadley USC) C. Lodge (Madeley CC) P. Emery (Newport) P. Farmer (Newport) G. Picknell (St. Georges) M. Gaut (Wrockwardine Wood) 0. Harris (Horsehay) Venue: Bicton Bowling Club Qualifiers 4 IC's C Elson & C Bowers K Roberts (Burway) L. Dovey (Burway) G. Haynes (Burway) K. Dovey (Burway) M. Beer (Castlefields) C. Elson (Castlefields) K. Walton (Castlefields) C. Bowers (Hanwood) D. Phillips (Hanwood) M. Parsons (Hanwood) M. Thomas (Meole Brace) G. Neal (Meole Brace) T. Hotchkiss (Meole Brace) B. Tarrel (Meole Brace) G. Wornell (Prince Hotel) C. Brettall (Wem USC) Venue Telepost Qualifiers 4 IC's D Burton & P Bound H Parsonage (Burway) S Rogers (Burway) R Crowther (Burway) C Dovey (Burway) P Williams (Castlefields) R Goddard (Castlefields) C Kelly (Ford) D Burton (Hanwood) A Wellings (Hanwood) D. Wornell (Hanwood) J Mansell (Hanwood) J Nash (Meole Brace) A Rowe (Meole Brace) P Bound (Meole Brace) A Jennings (Meole Brace) C Wraight (Wem USC) Venue Severnside (3) A Dovey (Burway) J James (Burway) S Parsonage (Burway) W Rogers (Burway) G Herbert (Castlefields) A Jones (Castlefields) G Davies (Ford) W Phillips (Hanwood) R Wellings (Hanwood) P Talbot (Hanwood) N Davies (Meole Brace) Wil Tarrel (Meole Brace) G Wellings (Meole Brace) J Cooke (Pontesbury) D Wright (Wem USC) Venue: Severnside (1) Qualifiers 2 I C A Judson N. Ferrington (Bricklayers) D Pressley (Burway) A Duckett (Castlefields) D Williams (Hanwood) D Jones (Ifton) C Beaman (Meole Brace) D Wellings (Meole Brace) A. Judson (Wem USC)

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