Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association County and Consolation cup rules – February 1998. Amended 13.2.12

Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association Competition rules – February 1998. Amended 13.2.12

Glynn Hill Club Championship The competition shall be confined to Clubs affiliated to the S.C.G.B.A. 1. The winning team will hold the cup and the losing finalist shall be awarded the “Jack Smout Cup”. Both trophies to be returned by Ist June each year to the County Secretary. 2. Clubs will receive an Invoice for the entry fee. All games to be played 21 up under B.C.G.B.A. rules and standard jacks to beused . 3. The number of players in each team shall be twelve and the green, which shall be neutral, shall be selected by the Executive Sub-Committee. a) Premier clubs will not be entered into the competition until the second round. b) A re-draw for each round will take place the Saturday following the game. 4. All greens are considered to be neutral to a player except that of the Club he has elected to play for. 5. No player shall play on a green chosen for a cup tie in which he will take part for seven days prior to that cup tie. (League fixtures arranged before 1st May and County events excepted) 6. The aggregate score shall decide the match. In the event of a tie on aggregate, the match shall be decided by firstly, the most number of individual wins per team and secondly, by each teams best score in descending order. If the game is still tied after these criteria, Clubs will be requested to replay, with the Executive Committee deciding the venue and date of such a replay. 7. Any club not sending in full compliment of players or infringing Rule 7 shall forfeit 21 points in each case. 8. In each match up to the semi-finals an efficient referee whose decision shall be final shall be appointed by the Club on whose green the match is played and he/she shall not be a member of either competing Club. From the semi-finals onwards the Executive Committee shall make the appointment of referees and the green for the final shall not be made until the finalists are known. Dress code will apply from the semi-finals onwards. A county official will be in attendance and only players who are properly attired will be permitted to play. 9. a) Any team not fulfilling a fixture or not turning up at any venue, may be fined a maximum of £50 and may be banned from the county and consolation cup the following year; this to be decided by the sub-committee. 10. All Clubs on whose green a cup tie is played shall provide not less than five standard jacks and a tape measure (19 meter) as required by the B.C.G.C.A 11. The draw shall be made in each match by the rival captains handing their players names in playing order to the referee before the match. Half of the players on each side shall have first delivery of the jack in individual games with one side to take the even numbered games and the other the odd numbered games. Captains to toss for odd or even numbers before play commences. 12. The heats to be played in sets of three, four or five according to the size of the green is decided by the referee. 13. No player shall be allowed to play for more than one Club and no player shall be eligible who has not been a bona-fide member of a Club for at least four weeks before a round is played. 14. A result sheet will be furnished by the S.C.G.B.A for each match and this shall be in the hands of the referee before the commencement of the games and he shall be responsible for its completion. When there is no referee the winning team captain shall be responsible for completing the result sheet and sending it to the County Secretary immediately the match is finished.  The winning captain must also text the result through to the County Secretary after the game; failure to do this will result in a £10 fine. 15. All rounds shall be played on Wednesdays and on such dates as shall be fixed by the County Executive. a) The finals will be played on a Saturday evening 6.30 start at a venue chosen by the sub-committee. 16. All players must be preparing to play when called upon, otherwise a reserve played must be included or 21 points forfeited. 17. Each club competing shall make a donation to the host Club for greenage of 50p per player (£6.00 per team) this amount to be reviewed annually. 18. Any question arising not provided for in the foregoing rules shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final. F.G. Burdass Consolation Cup Competition rules- Amended 13.2.12 1. All rules except rule 3 of the Glynn Hill Cup shall also apply to the Consolation Cup. Rule 3 shall not apply as the entrance fee is incorporated in the County Cup fee. Losing finalist to be awarded the” W.J. Corbett Cup”. 2. Only Clubs defeated in the first round of the County Cup shall be eligible to compete in this competition. Clubs failing to turn out a team in the first round of the County Cup shall be not eligible to play in the Consolation cup. 3. The first round shall be drawn at the same time as the second round of the County Cup and the draw for succeeding rounds shall coincide with the draw for the remaining rounds of the County Cup. Rule 4 – General Rules All individual competitions will be limited to male bowlers only. Team games in the County and Consolation Cups will be open to permit lady bowlers to play with their team as long as they are registered bowlers.

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