2017 SCGBA Admin Pack – Club/Insurance Details

This year we are changing our system which I hope you will agree will make life easier for club secretaries.  If you follow this link: http://bowlingresults.co.uk/scgba/ On the front page you will see that you can download the BCGBA application form for new members and also notes on how to complete the form. You must sign in with the password (this was emailed to you) which enables you to view your club page. Please email County Secretary if you have lost your password. If you click on edit club details, you will see the club secretaries’ details and the address of your green and your insurance details. If you have alternative arrangements in place for your 2017 Public Liability Insurance cover, then evidence of this, in the form of photo copies of the appropriate pages of your insurance policy (not the entire policy document!!), must be sent to Brian Kitson when you renew your policy. You must also update your club page at this time with the new from and to dates. At the bottom of the page you will see a box which shows how many handbooks you require (every club that takes out their primary affiliation to the BCGBA must purchase a minimum of 1 handbook) if you require more books please email County Secretary. The box below states how many league players you had in 2016 and you will be invoiced accordingly. And finally at the bottom of the page is your BCGBA membership number which you will need if you apply for Endsleigh Insurance or a grant from the BCGBA.   Invoice: This will too will appear on your club page and you will be able to download it. When paying your account please send a copy of the invoice with your cheque (SCGBA) to the County Treasurer: Brian Kitson (address below) Mo will email you when the invoice is available to download, it will be early April. We have some good news that the BCGBA have replaced the NR1 and NR1a forms with CR1 and CR1a and the good news for club secretaries is that we will be able to generate these forms on your behalf with the information which is on your club page and the lists of your league bowlers which we have via the bowling results website. Any questions please email the County Secretary.     There will be further posts this week explaining how to enter the County & Shropshire Cups as well as invoice details and a list of due dates to help each secretary know when stuff is due in.

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