New County Cup & Shropshire Cup Rules

The County and Shropshire Cup Rules have been updated for the forthcoming season. There have been some changes summarised below:
  • Draws will mainly take place on Saturday Mornings, allowing more people to be able to watch it on YouTube rather than the Thursday Morning.
  • Host greens must be cut on the day.
  • A £4 fine to be implemented for each player absent from a game
  • Results to be entered online thorough the Mike Beckett System within 24 hours. Result to be texted through by 11.30 p.m. to the County Secretary.
  • No player can be play for more than one club in either competition.
  • A player must have played at least four games before the Quarter Finals, six before the Semi Finals and eight before the final in one or a combination of leagues affliated to the SCGBA.
  • Teams for the final must be submitted at least one week before the date.
  • In the Shropshire Cup, players who have played one or more Premier League games are not eligible for the Preliminary or 1st rounds, and those who have played more than one game in the Premier League are not allowed to play in the 2nd round onwards.
The full list of rules are below: County Cup Rules Shropshire Cup Rules

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