Midland Masters Finals Day Preview

Shropshire have 11 qualifiers in the Midland Masters Finals tomorrow at Pennfields B.C. Callum Wraight leads the pack as he aims to win it for the first time to add to his collection, and takes on Matthew Hill of Potteries in the 1st round. County Senior Merit Winner Wayne Rogers plays Warwick and Worcester's Chris Baker with his Burway team mates Duncan Pressley playing Staffordshire's Lyndon Hazelhurst and Jolyon Partridge against Warwick and Worcester's Chris Halford. Wrockwardine Wood team mates John Clarke and Rob Fuller play Mick Simpson of Potteries and Trevor Nichols of Derbyshire respectively with County Handicap winner Rich Lawson taking on Jordon Baddeley from North Midlands. St Georges players Simon Rhodes and Pete Grimston play North Midlands' George Ward and Staffordshire's Jamie Wyer respectively, while Clay Flattley starts off with Jack Williams of Warwick and Worcester and Colin Beaman with Derbyshire's John Finch. All 11 qualifiers are aiming to be the first winner since Alan Purcell in 1995 and we wish all of them the best of luck. Lives score are available here. The draw is below. Andy  Milson       (Derbyshire)                  V        Paul   Dale          (Potteries) Chris  Baker       ( W/Worcester)               V         Wayne  Rogers    (Shropshire) Micheal  Warrington  (N/Mids)                 V         Andy Jones      (Staffordshire) Nigel    ILiff         (Derbyshire)                   V         Joe  Williamson   (Potteries) Darren  Round    (W/Worcester)               V         Ben  Percival       (N/Mids) Duncan  Pressley  (Shropshire)        V         Lyndon Hazelhurst  (Staffordshire) Craig  Pearson     (Derbyshire)                  V         Brian   Allen         (N/Mids) John   Clarke        (Shropshire)         V          Mick  Simpson     (Potteries) James  Duce         (Staffordshire)              V         Kerry   Morris     (Potteries) Gary  Chapman   (Derbyshire)                   V         Mark   Bailey     (W/Worcester) Ed  Furniss           (Derbyshire)                 V         Russ  Pegram     (Staffordshire) Rich  Lawson       (Shropshire)           V        Jordon Baddeley  (N/Mids) Adam  Kirby       (W/Worcester)                V        Shelton  Orpe      (Staffordshire) Barry  Booth       (Potteries)                       V        Scott  Horbury    (N/Mids) John  Finch          (Derbyshire)                  V        Colin  Beaman    (Shropshire) Matt  Ford           (Potteries)                      V        Josh   Hale          (W/Worcester)   George  Ward      (N/Mids)                        V         Simon   Rhodes    (Shropshire) Greg   Smith        (W/Worcester)               V         Gary   Owen         (Potteries) Bradley  Massey   (Derbyshire)                  V         Ryan  Prosser     (W/Worcester) Dave   Hayward    (Staffordshire)              V        Neil   Wright        (Potteries) Rob  Fuller          (Shropshire)          V        Trevor  Nichols    (Derbyshire) Josh  Towey         (Potteries)                   V         Stuart   Perry      (N/Mids) Jack  Williams     ( W/Worcester)            V         Clay   Flattley      (Shropshire) Andy  Smith         (Derbyshire)                 V         Ben  Mellor        (Staffordshire) Dave  Semper       (Staffordshire)              V         James  Seville      (W/Worcester) Conor  Chamberlain (Derbyshire)             V         Karl  Shanks       (N/Mids) Matthew  Allen    (N/Mids)                      V          Ben   Lynch         (W/Worcester) Matthew   Hill      (Potteries)                   V          Callum  Wraight  (Shropshire) Jolyon  Partridge   (Shropshire)      V          Chris  Halford     (W/Worcester) Dan  Taylor          (Staffordshire)             V          Les  Haylor          (N/Mids) Peter  Grimston   (Shropshire)        V           Jamie   Wyer       (Staffordshire) Matt  Fellows       (Potteries)                   V          Richard  Briddon  (Derbyshire)

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