Senior Merit today!

The Senior Merit is on today at Wem B.C. starting at 11 a.m. So if you would like to see some quality bowls and to see the new King of Shropshire being crowned then get yourself down there for just an entry of £2. A 16 page programme has been specially produced to by Stuart Clee so it is well worth a read! For those who can't make it, then hopefully this will be kept updated throughout. There may also be Facebook and Twitter updates throughout the day, as well as maybe some live action depending on the signal. Senior Merit Draw: 1. Wayne Rogers v Andy Wigginton 2. Stuart Clee v Martin Gaut 3. Kieran Buckley v George Williams 4. Ash Wellings v Rob Burroughs 5. Jamie King v Gary Beff 6. Chris Stretch v Ian McDonald 7. Andy Stevens v Mike Beer 8. Mark Selley v Andy Moss 9. Doug Edwards v Mark Shore 10. John Potter v Ian Gaut 11. Rich Lawson v Paul Williams 12. Rob Roden v Simon Rhodes 13. Paul Bradburne v Alan Davidson 14. Pete Farmer v Russ Pugh 15. Darren Wellings v Andy Duckett 16. Matt Beeston v Martin Middleton

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