2016 Spring report and newsletter

Crown green bowlers end their season in the Autumn and in the following spring receive a reminder their annual club subscription is due. A new season is starting! For the leagues officers, club officials and Development Officers there is no break, the pride we have in what we do and have to do pushes us on. Each of us use this interim period in their own way, but mindful of the fact that we are part of larger teams who make the game possible. A good example of this is a groundsman who ends a season completing the many procedures he performed in the summer, and then begins the rituals he does and has done for some time and all for the enjoyment of others. The same applies in the committee rooms. The club roof is leaking and the maintenance program is behind schedule, the treasurer reports takings are down....... both typical of all clubs everywhere. Going out on a cold winter night trying to make things better than the year before, when you could easily stay at home by the fire. Coaching in sport is not new, it has been around for some time, every time someone says BE UP they are coaching, but for the last few years another word came to the fore DEVELOPMENT. TO DEVELOP is to shape or mould, it applies to an action, skill, game or team. Today sport is played more by all sexes of all ages. There fore welfare and protection has become prevalent.  Sports are played at different levels so skill levels are to be lifted. To accommodate these changes people like me and others attend and study the various courses available to us, to enable us to make your game better and more enjoyable. We in Shropshire have a fine committee, who we work under with approximately fifty coaches of different levels and camera coaches, and in between our courses if you want to take a course or coaching assessment please contact us: Peter Carter County Development Officer 01952 813362

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