Coaching and Development

To most crown green bowlers the season is over and the greens put to bed. But to me and my officers of  SCGBA carry on to maintain the good things of the past.
We hope to continue bringing in new things and if possible get rid of the elements which are spoiling our sport.
First I should introduce myself. my name is PETER CARTER and I am your county Development Officer and serve you under the auspice of SCGBA under the chairmanship of BARRY JENNINGS . A committee which in the past has been criticized but has developed into a first class outfit serving you all better than any other county committee I know of.
A major problem today is bad behaviour and disrespect for the rules of our game, and I am pleased to report this is being seriously looked at.
The numbers of bowling players is lessening and greens are closing. You all are aware why.
So I am going to tell you what we have done, what we are doing and what we intend to do with your help. We have a sub-committee designed to accommodate the various activities we cover and are monitored by our parent committee. The method of development we use is coaching for all ages. All levels, clubs and schools.
This year we are having to bring in new faces to our table due to some retirements.
At this time we forty coaches of various levels including camera coaches all fully qualified.
Our subcommittee will contain the coaches as described, led by one of our senior coaches dealing with courses and assessments and camera work.
A CLUBMARK SUPPORT OFFICER to help anyone with advice and experience.
A SCHOOL SUPPORT OFFICER to help clubs getting started in this most rewarding of subjects
We intend to continue the above list plus last year successes i.e coaching on trial days, junior uncapped competitions and finally, try to bring back the junior leagues.

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