I am aware that unlike in previous seasons, clubs who have applied via the SCGBA Endsleigh scheme for their Public Liability (PL) and/or Personal Accident insurance cover for the 2015 season, have not yet received their copy of the Endsleigh insurance certificate.
I have chased this issue with the new National Registrar at the BCGBA, Mrs. Pat Crowther, as quite naturally, clubs are beginning to contact me wanting to know when the certificates will be received.
The National Registrar has informed County Associations that Endsleigh have now issued her with copies of a BCGBA Master Certificate and she “will now endeavour to send copies to all BCGBA member clubs,leagues and associations”. She has added that  “ as she has thousands of these to send out, this may take many weeks”.
I appreciate that you are waiting for your certificate in order that it may be displayed in your clubhouse etc.,and that it is required to assist you in completing your Form NR1, but as you will see from the above, we are in the hands of the BCGBA in relation to this matter.
If you have taken out the Endsleigh insurance, please write  “Endsleigh applied for”. on your form However, in order to allay any concerns/worries that you may have, I can assure you that your club is covered for whatever amount of PL insurance cover you have applied for via the BCGBA Endsleigh scheme in respect of the current season.
Finally, if you have a query on this issue, you should contact The BCGBA National Registrar,Pat Crowther, on telephone number  0151 648 5740.
Brian Kitson
County Treasurer, SCGBA 

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