Coaching at Severnside BC 30.5.15

The sun shines on a coaching session  Sabrina worked her magic in Shrewsbury on Saturday and ensured that the sun was shinning at Severnside Bowling Club. Four Shropshire coaches, Peter Carter, Fred Brazendale, Pauline Wilson and Brenda Slingo ran a coaching session on Saturday 30th May. There were about 30 bowlers in attendance that commended the coaches and had a very enjoyable and informative morning. As usual comments like, “been bowling for 25 years and did not know that was how to do it”. Many myths were debunked, such as that golden oldie, “ get your arm back”. A number of laws were explained one in particular being the rules and advisable actions to take when objecting to a short mark. Bowlers present were reminded that the most important bowl was/is the jack. The ‘BSc’ of bowls was explained. What is the BSc of bowls? Arrange, through your club, a coaching session to find out. All of the coaches are members of the Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Development & Coaching Committee (SCGBDCC). SCGBDCC is a grouping of Shropshire coaches who have formed an organisation to increase the number and standards of coaches within Shropshire. One of its aims is to install coaches at all Shropshire crown green bowling clubs. They are able to offer coaching, video coaching/analyses, training of bowlers who wish to become coaches and the assessment and appointment of bowlers at level 1. They are always willing to advise bowling clubs on any coaching and development events. The coaches wish to thank Severnside BC members for their hospitality, openness to new or different ideas and their enthusiasm. The photograph shows the coaches Peter, Pauline, Brenda and members prior to the start of the session (photograph taken by Fred) SevernsideCoaching    

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